Antonio Sanna

Theory Department Gross
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Zeitschriftenartikel (26)

Lilia, B.; Hennig, R.; Hirschfeld, P.; Profeta, G.; Sanna, A.; Zurek, E.; Pickett, W. E.; Amsler, M.; Dias, R.; Eremets, M. I. et al.; Heil, C.; Hemley, R. J.; Liu, H.; Ma, Y.; Pierleoni, C.; Kolmogorov, A. N.; Rybin, N.; Novoselov, D.; Anisimov, V.; Oganov, A. R.; Pickard, C. J.; Bi, T.; Arita, R.; Errea, I.; Pellegrini, C.; Requist, R.; Gross, E. K. U.; Margine, E. R.; Xie, S. R.; Quan, Y.; Hire, A.; Fanfarillo, L.; Stewart, G. R.; Hamlin, J. J.; Stanev, V.; Gonnelli, R. S.; Piatti, E.; Romanin, D.; Daghero, D.; Valenti, R.: The 2021 room-temperature superconductivity roadmap. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 34 (18), 183002 (2022)
Pellegrini, C.; Heid, R.; Sanna, A.: Eliashberg theory with ab-initio Coulomb interactions: a minimal numerical scheme applied to layered superconductors. Journal of Physics: Materials 5 (2), 024007 (2022)
Pellegrini, C.; Sharma, S.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Sanna, A.: Ab initiostudy of ultrafast demagnetization of elementary ferromagnets by terahertz versus optical pulses. Physical Review B 105 (13), 134425 (2022)
Davydov, A.; Sanna, A.; Concas, G.: Y2O3:Eu and the Mössbauer isomer shift coefficient of Eu compounds from ab-initio simulations. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 34 (7), 075502 (2022)
Sanna, A.; Pellegrini, C.; Liebhaber, E.; Rossnagel, K.; Franke, K. J.; Gross, E. K. U.: Real-space anisotropy of the superconducting gap in the charge-density wave material 2H-NbSe2. npj Quantum Materials 7, 6 (2022)
Marini, G.; Sanna, A.; Pellegrini, C.; Bersier, C.; Tosatti, E.; Profeta, G.: Superconducting Chevrel phasePbMo6S8 from first principles. Physical Review B 103, 144507 (2021)
Davydov, A.; Sanna, A.; Pellegrini, C.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Sharma, S.; Gross, E.: Ab initio theory of plasmonic superconductivity within the Eliashberg and density-functional formalisms. Physical Review B 102 (21), 214508 (2020)
Sanna, A.; Pellegrini, C.; Gross, E. K. U.: Combining Eliashberg theory with density functional theory for the accurate prediction of superconducting transition temperatures and gap functions. Physical Review Letters 125 (5), 057001 (2020)
Flores-Livas, J. A.; Boeri, L.; Sanna, A.; Profeta, G.; Arita, R.; Eremets, M.: A perspective on conventional high-temperature superconductors at high pressure: Methods and materials. Physics Reports: Review Section of Physics Letters 856, S. 1 - 78 (2020)
Pellegrini, C.; Müller, T.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Sharma, S.; Sanna, A.; Gross, E. K. U.: Density functional theory of magnetic dipolar interactions. Physical Review B 101 (14), 144401 (2020)
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