Max Planck Research Groups / Junior groups

The independent Max Planck Research Group (MPRG) "Current-Carrying Quantum Dynamics" (CCQD) led by Dr. Ingo Barth was started in December 2014. The research of the CCQD group focuses on three research subareas: Ionization dynamics in strong circularly polarized laser fields, Analysis and control of electron and nuclear currents, Development and documentation of STEM terms in German sign language. more
The Alexander von Humboldt Sofia Kovalevskaja Group is led by Dr. Mazhar Ali and began operation in December of 2016. We are working on an interdisciplinary approach to using and exploring properties of topological materials and applying lessons learned from the field of topology in new ways. Our research topics include; investigation of Hall effects and their dependence on Berry curvature and Fermi surface geometry, exploring properties of Josephson Junctions made from topological materials, using topological compounds to assist in the detection of dark matter, and exploring the interplay of frustrated magnetism with unconventional topology in exfoliable 2D materials (including spin liquid candidates). more
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