International Center for Nano-Systems

International Center for Nano-Systems

The International Center for Nano-Systems (ICNS) goes far beyond a simple visitor program by funding collaborative research programs involving the unique resources developed in Halle with the Humboldt award from Prof. Dr. Stuart Parkin.

The ICNS is focusing on the research and development of energy efficient electronics beyond silicon.

World leading scientists are welcome for sabbaticals, summer breaks, and short visits with their accompanying Ph.D. students whose visits are funded by the ICNS. 


The MPI for Microstructure Physics, the Martin Luther University and the Fraunhofer Institute are the three institutions forming the International Center for Nano-Systems.

They are located in walking distance from each other and propose excellent facilities for materials exploration, characterization, modeling, and nano-device fabrication.  


Scientific Goals

Realization of novel devices in three particular regards, (i) energy efficient devices for electronics beyond silicon, (ii) innately cognitive devices for brain-like computational devices, and (iii) three dimensional devices for powerful highly interconnected computational memory and logic architectures.

Two grand challenge projects will be (i) to develop devices that are innately cognitive, i.e. are reconfigurable, act as both memory and logic and are inspired by the brain, and (ii) to explore synthetic routes to room temperature superconductivity.

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