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Nano-Systems from Ions, Spins and Electrons
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International Center for Nano-Systems
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2016 Zukunftstag Mini-Symposium on
Spintronics and 2D Materials
Scientific Colloquium in honor of Prof. Jürgen Kirschner BEYOND! von Neumann bottleneck – Brain Inspired Computing


On December 14th, Dr. O. Breitenstein, together with three colleagues from Fraunhofer Institute of Mechanics of Materials (IWM), won the "Hugo-Junkers-Preis" in the category "Most Innovative Alliance" with the Project: Fault detection in highly integrated microelectronic systems using lock-in thermography.

On December 14th, Prof. I. Mertig and M.Sc. F. Rittwerger won the "Hugo-Junkers-Preis" in the category: "Innovative Projects of Basic Research" with the Project: Nanostructured thermoelectric layer systems.

ERC Advanced Grant for Prof. Stuart Parkin (in German)

Nominations sought for the Position of Director

Open Positions

We offer job opportunities in experimental and theoretical physics for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Applications are continuously accepted.

Interested? For experimental physics send your applications to Stuart Parkin ( and for theoretical physics to E.K.U. Gross (

The Max Planck Research Group "Current-carrying quantum dynamics" offers a PhD Position on Quantum Dynamics in Large Molecules.

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