Toward next-generation spin-orbitronics with orbital currents

Zoom Lecture

  • Datum: 09.06.2022
  • Uhrzeit: 15:00
  • Vortragender: Dongwook Go
  • Peter Grünberg Institute and Institute for Advanced Simulation, Jülich Research Centre Institute of Physics, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
  • Ort: Zoom
Toward next-generation spin-orbitronics with orbital currents

For a long time, the orbital degree of freedom in solids have been regarded quenched such that dynamic excitations involving hybridizations of various orbital characters are strongly suppressed due to crystal field potential. In contrast to such expectations, we have shown that one can induce excitations of the orbital angular momentum and its current even when it is completely quenched in equilibrium. Moreover, because orbital excitations intrinsically interact with various order parameters and excitations, they are expected to play pivotal roles in understanding dynamic phenomena. Especially, in magnetic materials, an orbital excitation can induce dynamics of magnetic moments, which has profound implications in spintronics and spin-orbitronics. In this talk, I will explain how orbital currents can be electrically induced and how they transfer the angular momentum to magnetic moments to induce magnetic dynamics. I will review the status-of-the-art, especially on recent progress in experiments, and discuss challenges and future directions toward next-generation spin-orbitronics with orbital currents.



D. Go, D. Jo, H.-W. Lee, M. Kläui, Y. Mokrousov, Orbitronics: Orbital Currents in Solids, Europhys. Lett. 135, 37001 (2021).

: This paper is a perspective/mini-review, which contains most of the references regarding recent developments in theories and experiments.


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