Schröter Lab for Quantum Materials & Technologies

Many of the most promising device concepts for future quantum technologies are relying on carefully designed electronic interfaces. We aim to create such interfaces guided by advanced electron spectroscopy. Our group is currently growing, and we are looking for prospective team members to help us make the materials of the future. Join our group here!

Some of our recent work

Discovery of a new type of spin-momentum locking in chiral semimetals
J. Krieger et al., Nature Communications (2024)
Weyl type spin-momentum locking leads to spin-hedgehogs in reciprocal space that could realize more efficient memory devices more
Topological interface states lead to Josephson Diode Effect
B. Pal et al., Nature Physics (2022)
The result of our first collaboration with Stuart Parkin’s department at MPI Halle more
Cherned up to the maximum!
Niels B. M. Schröter et al., Science 369, 179–183 (2020), arXiv:1907.08723
Now on the cover of the DIPC annual report!
Featured in the annual review of the Diamond Light Source 20/21! more
New fermions in a chiral topological semimetal
Niels B. M. Schröter et al., Nature Physics 15, 759–765 (2019), arXiv:1812.03310
Featured in the photon science road map of the Swiss National Academy of Sciences! more
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