Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute

Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute

To ensure a high quality of research is maintained over the long term, all Max Planck Institutes are subject to regular assessment from independent advisory boards.

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of internationally renowned researchers from Germany and other countries. Its main task is the regular evaluation of the research performed in the institute. Based on this, the board advises the institute and the president of the Max Planck Society concerning the innovative development of the institute’s research as well as concerning an efficient deployment of the available funding. The members of the Scientific Advisory Board are appointed by the president of the Max Planck Society.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Aeppli
Paul Scherrer Institut, Department Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotechnology
Villigen PSI, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Roel Baets
Universiteit Gent, Department of Information Technology
Gent, Belgium

Prof. Dr. Eugenio Coronado
Universitat de València, Instituto de Ciencia Molecular
Valencia, Spain

Prof. Dr. Sir Richard Friend
University of Cambridge, Department of Physics, Optoelectronics Group, Cavendish Laboratory
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Prof. Dame Lynn Gladden
University of Cambridge, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hecht
DWI - Leibniz-Institut für Interaktive Materialien e. V.
Aachen, Germany

Prof. Dr. Kei May Lau
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
Kowlon, Hong Kong

Prof. Dr. Peter B. Littlewood
The University of Chicago, James Franck Institute
Chicago, USA

Prof. Dr. Matthew J. Rosseinsky
University of Liverpool, Department of Chemistry
Liverpool, United Kingdom

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