Former departments

Theory Department
2009 - 2019

Director: Prof. Eberhard Gross

The focus of this department's research was on the following topics: Ab-initio theory of superconductivity, Optical properties of solids, Analysis and control of electron dynamics, Quantum transport, Correlated electron-nuclear motion, Development of functional theories for static and time-dependent quantum systems, Ab-initio theory of strongly-correlated systems, Oxidic surfaces and interfaces, Magnetic nanostructures and Magnons in complex materials.
Experimental Department I
1992 - 2015

Director: Prof. Jürgen Kirschner

This department did basic research on magnetic properties of materials at reduced dimensionality. This includes magnetic surfaces, thin films, wires, and dots with linear scales of 1 to 1,000 atoms. They were particularly interested in the correlation between structural properties and growth modes of these structures on the one hand, and their magnetic and electronic properties on the other hand.
Experimental Department II
1993 - 2009

Director: Prof. Ulrich Gösele

Micro- and nanostructuring are powerful tools to fabricate materials with a large variety of functionalities. The primary scientific goal of the department was to improve the fundamental understanding of such processes and the resulting materials. The research capabilities included methods to fabricate nanowires and nanotubes, micro- and macroporous silicon and nanoporous alumina as well as functional oxides.
Theory Department

Theory Department

1998 - 2007

Director: Prof. Patrick Bruno

The Theory Department carried out theoretical research on the electronic, magnetic, optical and electrical properties of micro- and nanostructured solid state systems. More specifically, the research was focussed on (i) exchange interactions in magnetic ultrathin films and nanostructures, (ii) magneto-electronics, i.e., spin-dependent electronic transport phenomena, and (iii) electron cor-relation spectroscopies of solid surfaces.
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