A common theme underlying the projects in Parkin’s department is the creation of atomically engineered materials with novel properties. These “unnatural” materials are created by the deposition of atomically thick thin films using techniques ranging from molecular beam epitaxy, pulsed laser deposition, magnetron and ion beam sputtering to atomic layer deposition. Cognitive and spintronic materials are explored as well as research into hybrid and exotic materials ... more

Moore’s Law is ending, opening up exciting possibilities for computers with new architectures and form factors.  The research in the Poon Department will be centered on 3D multi-technology microsystems.  A major theme of our research will be devices and systems that bring nanotechnology into brains, so that we may “bring brains into nanotechnology.” Our goal is to advance computing and neuro-science/medicine...

This department was established on March 15, 2021 and is currently under formation. more
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