Publikationen von John N. Straguzzi

Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

Sharif Azadeh, S.; Mak, J. C. C.; Chen, H.; Luo, X.; Chen, F.-D.; Chua, H.; Weiss, F.; Alexiev, C.; Stalmashonak, A.; Jung, Y. et al.; Straguzzi, J. N.; Lo, G.-Q.; Sacher, W. D.; Poon, J. K. S.: Microcantilever-integrated photonic circuits for broadband laser beam scanning. Nature Communications 14, 2641 (2023)
Sacher, W. D.; Chen, F.-D.; Moradi-Chameh, H.; Luo, X.; Fomenko, A.; Shah, P.; Lordello, T.; Liu, X.; Almog, I. F.; Straguzzi, J. N. et al.; Fowler, T. M.; Jung, Y.; Hu, T.; Jeong, J.; Lozano, A. M.; Lo, P. G.-Q.; Valiante, T. A.; Moreaux, L. C.; Poon, J. K. S.; Roukes, M. L.: Implantable photonic neural probes for light-sheet fluorescence brain imaging. Neurophotonics 8 (2), 025003 (2021)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Chen, F.-D.; Wahn, H.; Xue, T.; Jung, Y.; Straguzzi, J. N.; Azadeh, S. S.; Stalmashonak, A.; Chua, H.; Luo, X.; Shah, P. et al.; Chameh, H. M.; Lo, P. G.-Q.; Valiante, T. A.; Sacher, W. D.; Poon, J. K. S.: Implantable neural probe system for patterned photostimulation and electrophysiology recording. In: CLEO: Science and Innovations 2022, JTh6A.7. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, San Jose, California United States, 15. Mai 2022 - 20. Mai 2022. Optica Publishing Group (2022)
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