Publikationen von Bodo Kalkofen

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Hagen, D. J.; Yoon, J.; Zhang, H.; Kalkofen, B.; Silinskas, M.; Börrnert, F.; Han, H.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Atomic layer deposition of the conductive delafossite PtCoO2. Advanced Materials Interfaces 9 (12), 2200013 (2022)
Baik, S.; Kwon, H.; Paeng, C.; Zhang, H.; Kalkofen, B.; Jang, J. E.; Kim, Y. S.; Kwon, H.-J.: Boosting n-type doping levels of Ge with co-doping by integrating plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition and flash annealing process. IEEE Electron Device Letters 40 (9), S. 1507 - 1510 (2019)
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