Publikationen von Stephan Senz

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Mukherjee, S.; Wajs, M.; De la Mata, M.; Givan, U.; Senz, S.; Arbiol, J.; Francoeur, S.; Moutanabbir, O.: Disentangling phonon channels in nanoscale heat transport. Physical Review B 104 (7), 075429 (2021)
Karnad, G. V.; Freimuth, F.; Martinez, E.; Lo Conte, R.; Gubbiotti, G.; Schulz, T.; Senz, S.; Ocker, B.; Mokrousov, Y.; Klaeui, M.: Modification of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya-interaction-stabilized domain wall chirality by driving currents. Physical Review Letters 121 (14), 147203 (2018)
Mukherjee, S.; Givan, U.; Senz, S.; de la Mata, M.; Arbiol, J.; Moutanabbir, O.: Reduction of thermal conductivity in nanowires by combined engineering of crystal phase and isotope disorder. Nano Letters 18 (5), S. 3066 - 3075 (2018)
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