Electron microscopy of magnetic structures


Electron microscopy of magnetic structures


  • State of the art transmission electron microscopy (TEM) on atomically engineered nano-structures
  • Lorentz microscopy for the characterization and analysis of non-collinear spin-textures
  • Development of corresponding in-situ sample manipulation at low-temperatures and in high magnetic fields

Atomically engineered materials with novel properties are created by sophisticated deposition techniques (e.g., MBE, PLD, ALD, sputtering). Thereby cognitive, spintronic and other “exotic” materials are explored and  the subject of research. This concerns materials that, e.g., display unusual magnetic textures such as non-collinear magnetism and skyrmions, or materials that only  exist at interfaces. Therefore, a correlation  between magnetic phenomena and the crystal structures down to the nanometer-range is a necessity.

The one-day-symposium brings together scientists, who are working in different fields: magnetic materials, magnetic nanostructures, structure analysis. The main focus is directed towards techniques of transmission electron microscopy to analyze magnetic structures. This includes techniques of Lorentz microscopy, methods of holography, DPC, possibilities of in situ-microscopy even at  low-temperatures.

All these aspects should be intensively discussed including future trends, new magnetic structures as well as new TEM concepts.


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