Summa cum laude for Tianping Ma

Congratulations to Tianping Ma!

March 08, 2021

Title: "Magnetic antiskyrmions in tetragonal Heusler materials with D2d structure"


Within the last decades, various types of magnetic skyrmions were experimentally discovered, and their static and dynamical properties were intensively studied. This trend continues, and the Zootopia of skyrmions is still expanding. In this thesis, we investigated magnetic antiskyrmions in tetragonal Heusler materials with the D2d structure, initiated with the first experimental discovery of magnetic antiskyrmions above room temperature, as well as several follow up studies, all performed during my Ph.D. study. Magnetic antiskyrmions have a special chirality that originates from the underlying D2d crystal structure. The in-plane magnetization of the anti-skyrmion rotates in the opposite direction with respect to the coordinate azimuthal angle. Such chiral structures give rise to a boundary of the antiskyrmion that has alternating Bloch and Néel type walls with opposite chiralities. This special structure of the anti-skyrmion leads to its high stability and its rich dynamical behavior under current-induced spin Hall injection. These properties make anti-skyrmions highly interesting for next generation spintronic devices.

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