Female Scientists at the MPI of Microstructure Physics

Motivation and Passion in Research

September 29, 2022

In a newly launched video series, we would like to introduce our female scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics. They are all passionate about their research and will take you with them on their journey into physics and their work.

Find below the interviews of our IMPRS-STNS members Kajal and Emily, and IMPRS alumni and future PI Annika Johansson. Check out the full series at  youtube channel of the MPI of Microstructure Physics.

Optical imaging beyond the diffraction limit

Kajal Tiwari
Department of Nano-Systems from Ions, Spins and Electrons (NISE)

Spectroscopy of superconductor interfaces that might host Majorana zero modes

Emily McFarlane
Schröter Lab for Quantum Materials & Technologies

Charge, heat, and spin transport in solids

Dr. Annika Johansson
Spin-Orbital Electronics - Minerva Fast Track Group

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