Frank Schumann

Synthetic Materials and Functional Devices
+49 345 5582 616

Frank Schumann studied physics at the RWTH Aachen and obtained a diploma degree in 1990. He completed his PhD work at the University of Cambridge/UK in 1994. In the period 1994-1999 he was a post-doctoral researcher at the Pennsylvania State University and Lawrence Livermore National lab. In 1999 he became a leader of a junior research group at the Free University Berlin. In 2004 he joined the Max-Planck Institute as a senior scientist and obtained a habilitation degree from the Martin-Luther University/Halle in 2012.

Research Experience

Frank Schumann is a surface scientist and investigated the magnetic properties of metallic 2D systems via a variety of techniques including synchrotron radiation. Upon joining the MPI-Halle he shifted his research to the investigation of the electron-electron interaction at surfaces. This was accomplished by utilizing advanced electron spectroscopy. In the future he will conduct research using a low temperature STM to explore the on-surface synthesis of 2D carbon nanostructures.

Selected Publications

Schumann, F. O.; Brandt, I.S.; Wei, Z.; Kirschner, J.; Giebels, F.; Gollisch, H.; Feder, R.: Electron and positron pair emission by low energy positron impact on surfaces. Progress in Surface Science 96 (2), 100629 (2021)
Schumann, F. O.; Kirschner, J.: Electron pair emission from surfaces: Photon versus electron excitation. Physical Review B 103 (8), 085435 (2021)
Schumann, F. O.; Kirschner, J.; Berakdar, J.: Imaging momentum-space two-particle correlations at surfaces. Physica Status Solidi B 257 (7), 1900636 (2020)
Schumann, F. O.; Aliaev, Y.; Kostanovskiy, I.; Kirschner, J.: Double photoemission from Ag and Pd surfaces: Energy relations. Physical Review B 101 (11), 115104 (2020)
Trützschler, A.; Huth, M.; Chiang, C.-T.; Kamrla, R.; Schumann, F. O.; Kirschner, J.; Widdra, W.: Band-resolved double photoemission spectroscopy on correlated valence electron pairs in metals. Physical Review Letters 118 (13), 136401 (2017)
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