Abhay Kant Srivastava

Nano-Systems from ions, spins and electrons
+49 345 5582 709

Abhay has a background in solid-state materials and nanotechnology. After completing a Master of Technology (M.Tech) from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) in 2016, he immediately pursued a PhD degree. During his PhD, he investigated chiral magnetic skyrmions in Heusler compounds. After completing his PhD in 2021, he started working as a postdoc researcher. During his postdoc, he is working on skyrmion hosting van der Waals compounds and their heterostructures. Currently, he is a principal investigator (PI) and scientific pillar coordinator in the NISE department of MPI-Halle.

Research interests

Stabilization of skyrmionic spin textures in van der Waals compounds and their heterostructures, skyrmion-superconductor interface, skyrmion dynamics, micromagnetic simulations

Publications at the Institute

Gopi, A. K.; Srivastava, A. K.; Sharma, A. K.; Chakraborty, A.; Das, S.; Deniz, H.; Ernst, A.; Hazra, B. K.; Meyerheim, H. L.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Thickness-Tunable Zoology of Magnetic Spin Textures Observed in Fe5GeTe2. ACS Nano 18 (7), pp. 5335 - 5343 (2024)
Zhang, W.; Ma, T.; Hazra, B. K.; Meyerheim, H. L.; Rigvedi, P.; Yin, Z.; Srivastava, A. K.; Wang, Z.; Gu, K.; Zhou, S. et al.; Wang, S.; Yang, S.-H.; Guan, Y.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Current-induced domain wall motion in a van der Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2. Nature Communications 15, 4851 (2024)
Wang, Y.; Yang, S.-Y.; Sivakumar, P. K.; Ortiz, B. R.; Teicher, S. M. L.; Wu, H.; Srivastava, A. K.; Garg, C.; Liu, D.; Parkin, S. S. P. et al.; Toberer, E. S.; McQueen, T.; Wilson, S. D.; Ali, M. N.: Anisotropic proximity–induced superconductivity and edge supercurrent in Kagome metal, K1−xV3Sb5. Science Advances 9 (28), eadg7269 (2023)
Chakraborty, A.; Srivastava, A. K.; Sharma, A. K.; Gopi, A. K.; Mohseni, K.; Ernst, A.; Deniz, H.; Hazra, B. K.; Das, S.; Sessi, P. et al.; Kostanovskiy, I.; Ma, T.; Meyerheim, H. L.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Magnetic skyrmions in a thickness tunable 2D ferromagnet from a defect driven Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. Advanced Materials 34 (11), 2108637 (2022)
Grover, B.; Hazra, B. K.; Ma, T.; Pal, B.; Bernstein, N.; Rothschild, A.; Srivastava, A. K.; Choudhury, S.; Woltersdorf, G.; Capua, A. et al.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Crystallographic dependence of the spin Hall angle in epitaxial Pt films: Comparison of optical and electrical detection of spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance techniques. Applied Physics Letters 120 (17), 172406 (2022)
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