Construction gallery

A new picture every month to follow the progress of the new building.

June 2024

The steel frame for the server room on the roof of the office building is being erected.

May 2024

A chiller for generating cooling water is delivered.

April 2024

The installation density of supply lines increases rapidly.

April 1st, 2024

The construction dog closely monitors compliance with all deadlines.

March 2024

The roofs are sealed.

February 2024

Installation work on the technical level of the clean room.

January 2024

Cooling water pipes in the basement are welded.

December 2023

The crane dismantling indicates the imminent end of the shell construction phase.

November 2023

The concrete roof of the office building is finalized.

October 2023

Interior walls are erected on the top floor of the office building.

September 2023

Labs with large floor space and high ceilings are available in the new building.

August 2023

View from the office building towards city center.

July 2023

The last walls of the technical level of the clean room are completed.

June 2023

A concrete pump is in use for the construction of the ceiling between the ground floor and the first floor of the laboratory building.

May 2023

Steel trusses for the intermediate ceiling of the clean room (foreground) have been installed.

April 2023

A ceiling of the office building (center) is being prepared for concreting, walls are being built in the laboratory building (right) and the clean room (rear left).

March 2023

The first ceiling of the lab building is being finished.

February 2023

The first ceiling is being prepared for the pouring of concrete.

January 2023

The first walls in the basement are being built.

December 2022

Die Bodenplatte wird betoniert.

November 2022

The steel reinforcement for the first floor slab is prepared.

October 2022

Two cranes have been erected. The construction of the shell of the new building starts.

August 2022

Heavy equipment is on site to secure the excavation pit.

February 2022

After demolition of the old buildings, the construction site is now prepared for the new building.

September 2021

Deconstruction work has started to prepare the construction site for the new building.
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