IMPRS-STNS student Alexander Schäffer received Summa Cum Laude!

Congratulations to Alexander Schäffer!

December 07, 2021

Title: "Control of topologically non-trivial spin excitations”


This thesis presents results on controlling spin excitations with a non-trivial real space topology in magnetic solids. In particular, magnetic skyrmions and related non-collinear magnetic configurations are discussed. Skyrmions are localized whirl-like quasiparticles with high mobility and stability making them promising candidates for information storage devices. Theoretical concepts and simulations are presented for controlling magnetic quasiparticles. Subsequently, the existence of twisted magnons is predicted, which are excitations in magnetic systems that carry orbital angular momentum (OAM). Control mechanisms, transport effects, and the robustness of the twisted magnons' topological charge against perturbations are demonstrated. The new concepts presented in the thesis are of direct relevance to applications in data storage and information transfer with the potential for improving future technology in terms of speed and energy efficiency.

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