Cooper pairs with finite momentum rectify supercurrent flow

In a paper published in Nature Physics, scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Halle show that a lateral Josephson junction made from a type-II Dirac semimetal Nickel di-telluride (NiTe2) and superconducting Niobium (Nb) electrodes exhibits a large nonreciprocal critical… more

A novel strategy to stabilize non-collinear spin textures in van der Waals magnets

A novel strategy to stabilize non-collinear spin textures in van der Waals magnets by self-intercalation. more

Prof. Stuart Parkin awarded a JSAP Fellow International

The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) announced Prof. Stuart Parkin as International Fellow for 2022 more

Switching of chiral antiferromagnetic films: a new mechanism is proposed

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics found a new mechanism to a novel method of manipulating the ground state of a special class of antiferromagnetic thin films with chiral magnetic ground states. more

Multi-million euro grants from Brussels

12 Max Planck researchers win coveted ERC Advanced Grants more

Prof. Stuart Parkin stands in front of scientific equipment.

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced its new Advanced Grants for the year 2022. One of these coveted grants is awarded to Stuart Parkin. His ERC grant “SUPERMINT” will explore the science that could allow for a novel cryogenic racetrack memory that relies on the interplay between… more

Jagannath Jena receives the Otto Hahn Medal

Jagannath Jena receives the Otto Hahn Medal for advances in chiral spintronics more

Successful PhD defense of Elena Derunova!

Congratulations to Elena Derunova! more

Successful PhD defense of Ankit Kumar Sharma!

Congratulations to Ankit Kumar Sharma! more

Magnetism in two dimensions goes “easy-plane”

Publication in Science on October 29th, 2021 more

Minerva Fast Track Fellowship for Dr. Annika Johansson

The Max Planck Society has awarded Dr. Annika Johansson a Minerva Fast Track Fellowship. more

Successful PhD defense of Kai-Uwe Demasius!

Congratulations to Kai-Uwe Demasius! more

Ultra-low-power memcapacitor device for neuromorphic computing - published in Nature Electronics October 11<sup>th</sup>, 2021

Much effort is being made to develop new types of memory devices that can revolutionize the computing paradigm of the past half century. Major breakthroughs are needed, in particular, in the domain of Deep Learning as a subset of Artificial Intelligence. In-memory computing and brain inspired… more

Successful PhD defense of Jue Huang

Congratulations to Jue Huang! more

Yicheng Guan obtains summa cum laude for his PhD

Congratulations to Yicheng Guan! more

Jagannath Jena receives summa cum laude!

Congratulations to Jagannath Jena! more

Summa cum laude for Tianping Ma!

Congratulations to Tianping Ma! more

<p class="Flietext">Stuart Parkin is awarded the King Faisal Prize for Science 2021</p>

The director at the MPI of Microstructure Physics receives the prestigious prize for his discoveries and innovations in the field of spintronics. more

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