Publications of Andrea Migliorini

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Journal Article
Gu, K.; Guan, Y.; Hazra, B. K.; Deniz, H.; Migliorini, A.; Zhang, W.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Three-dimensional racetrack memory devices designed from freestanding magnetic heterostructures. Nature Nanotechnology (2022)
Journal Article
Wang, P.; Migliorini, A.; Yang, S.-H.; Jeon, J.-C.; Kostanovskiy, I.; Meyerheim, H.; Han, H.; Deniz, H.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Giant spin Hall effect and spin-orbit torques in 5d transition metal-aluminum alloys from extrinsic scattering. Advanced Materials 34 (23), 2109406 (2022)
Journal Article
Jeon, K.-R.; Jeon, J.-C.; Zhou, X.; Migliorini, A.; Yoon, J.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Giant transition-state quasiparticle spin-Hall effect in an exchange-spin-split superconductor detected by nonlocal magnon spin transport. ACS Nano 14 (11), pp. 15874 - 15883 (2020)
Journal Article
Perez-Jimenez, M.; Sanchez, B. B.; Migliorini, A.; Alcarria, R.: Protecting private communications in cyber-physical systems through physical unclonable functions. Electronics 8 (4), 390 (2019)
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