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Successful PhD defense of Peng Wang!

Congratulations to Peng Wang! more

Female Scientists at the MPI of Microstructure Physics

Our IMPRS-STNS members Kajal and Emily, as well as our future PI Annika Johansson are part of a newly launched video series to introduce our female scientists at the Max-Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics. Check out the interview and learn more about their motivation and passion in research. more

Visit of Ethiopian and Ugandan delegation at IMPRS-STNS

The MLU is working on a project with the Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia and Gulu University (GU), Uganda. As part of the sub-project "Building up a Graduate Program Hub", the delegation together with the head of InGrA (International Graduate Academy of MLU) Thomas Michael also visited MPI and specifically our graduate school IMPRS-STNS. more

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Publications of IMPRS-STNS students

Journal Article (70)

Pal, B.; Hazra, B. K.; Göbel, B.; Jeon, J.-C.; Pandeya, A. K.; Chakraborty, A.; Busch, O.; Srivastava, A. K.; Deniz, H.; Taylor, J. M. et al.; Meyerheim, H.; Mertig, I.; Yang, S.-H.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Setting of the magnetic structure of chiral kagome antiferromagnets by a seeded spin-orbit torque. Science Advances 8 (24), eabo5930 (2022)
Niedzielski, B.; Berakdar, J.: Vortex ring and helical current formation in superconductors driven by a THz‐field‐induced toroidal vector potential. Physica Status Solidi B 259 (6), 2100622 (2022)
Wahada, M. A.; Şaşıoğlu, E.; Hoppe, W.; Zhou, X.; Deniz, H.; Rouzegar, R.; Kampfrath, T.; Mertig, I.; Parkin, S. S. P.; Woltersdorf, G.: Atomic scale control of spin current transmission at interfaces. Nano Letters 22 (9), pp. 3539 - 3544 (2022)
Jena, J.; Göbel, B.; Hirosawa, T.; Diaz, S. A.; Wolf, D.; Hinokihara, T.; Kumar, V.; Mertig, I.; Felser, C.; Lubk, A. et al.; Loss, D.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Observation of fractional spin textures in a Heusler material. Nature Communications 13 (1), 2348 (2022)
Wu, H.; Wang, Y.; Xu, Y.; Sivakumar, P. K.; Pasco, C.; Filippozzi, U.; Parkin, S. S. P.; Zeng, Y.-J.; McQueen, T.; Ali, M. N.: The field-free Josephson diode in a van der Waals heterostructure. Nature 604, pp. 653 - 656 (2022)
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