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Check out additional events and workshops by the Max-Planck Society for PhDs and Postdocs, the  International Graduate Academy (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg), and other local Research Schools.

2023 - Events and Workshops

Events Time and Date Additional Information
IMPRS summer Retreat 2023 t.b.a. t.b.a.
of research school network Halle
t.b.a. t.b.a.

2023 - Doctoral Student Seminar

Time and Date Speaker Title
Jan 10, 13:00 Kajal Tiwari t.b.a.
Feb 14, 13:00 Pranava K. Sivakumar
Anirban Chakraborty
Mar 09, 13:00 Zhong Wang
Pedram Bassirian
Apr 13, 13:00 t.b.a. t.b.a.

2022 - Events and Workshops

Events Time and Date Additional Information
IMPRS meeting March 16, 13:00 lecture hall B.1.11; 3G-event
Academic Writing Apr 19-20, 9-16:00 lecturer: Bartlett Warren-Kretzschmar (Golin)
Academic Writing Apr 21-22, 9-16:00 lecturer: Bartlett Warren-Kretzschmar (Golin)
Project and Self-mangagement May 12-13, 9-15:00 lecturer: Dr. Alexander Schiller (Schiller&Mertens)
of research school network Halle
June 23,
start: 16:00
Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzenbiochemie
IMPRS summer Retreat 2022 June 27-29 Schlosshotel Schkopau
Good Scientific Practice Sep 07 lecturer: Dr. Dorit Schmidt
IMPRS evaluation Sep 30 Probably poster presentation & talks
Good Scientific Presentations & Talks Oct 24-25 lecturer: Ulrike Wark (HPS Campus)
Good Scientific Practice Nov 07 lecturer: Dr. Dorit Schmidt
Teambuilding event
at Schloss Ringberg
Nov 27-30 trainer: Dr. Claudia Benassi, Ronald Kallan
(roloff & schumacher gmbh)
Effective Visual Communication of Science  Dec 06 lecturer: Dr. Jernej Zupanc (Seyens Ltd)

2022 - Doctoral Student Seminar

Time and Date Speaker Title
Apr 12, 13:00
Michael Strauch
Discussion and Planning of the IMPRS-Retreat
May 10, 10:00 Robin Neumann
Björn Niedzielski
Thermal Hall Effect of Magnons in Collinear Antiferromagnetic Insulators:
Signatures of Magnetic and Topological Phase Transitions
Vortex dynamics in superconductor/ferromagnet hybrid systems
Jun 14, 13:00
Lukas Fischer
Anvesh Dixit
Spin wave measurements in novel materials
Magneto-transport properties of chiral topological metal
Jul 12, 12:30 Amine Wahada Ultrafast spin transport through oxide and nitride barriers measured by inverse Spin Hall effect
Aug 09, 13:00 Jingrong Ji
Prajwal Rigvedi
Molecular beam epitaxy growth of van der Waals materials
Spin Orbit torque switching of Antiferromagnet Mn 3 NiN
Sep Michael Strauch Preparation of the IMPRS evaluation
Oct 11, 13:00 Pranava K. Sivakumar

Ajesh K. Gopi
Hidden symmetry breaking and it's implications on spintronics and superconductivity -cancelled-
Topological spin textures in a room temperature van der Waals ferromagnet
Nov 08, 13:00 Berthold Rimmler

Souvik Das
Measuring Spin Rotation in a Kagome Antiferromagnet using the Anomalous Hall Effect
Probing interaction effects at a topological crystalline step edge by
high-resolution Scanning tunneling-Microscopy and -Spectroscopy
The next seminar will be held in January 2023.
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