Program Overview

Check out additional events and workshops by the Max-Planck Society for PhDs and Postdocs, the  International Graduate Academy (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg), and other local Research Schools.

2023 - Upcoming Events and Workshops

Events Time and Date Additional Information
Patents / Intellectual Property Rights /
Working as a Patent Attorney
April 26, 2023
Get-together of research school network Halle
June 15, 2023 t.b.a.
PhD meeting / BBQ (together with Fraunhofer Institute) September 20, 2023 t.b.a.
IMPRS Summer Retreat 2023 September t.b.a.
Career Planning after PhD November/December t.b.a.

2023 - Upcoming IMPRS Seminars

Time and Date Speaker Title
Apr 11, 13:00 Anirban Chakraborty
Kajal Tiwari
Visualising highly resolved optical phenomena using AFM tip under illumination
May 9, 13:00 Pedram Bassirian Tutorial: Micromagnetic simulations

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