2023 - Events and Workshops

Events Time and Date Additional Information
Presentation Skills February 6/7, 2023
Trainer: Dr. Juliane Handschuh
Presentation Skills February 8/9, 2023
Trainer: Dr. Juliane Handschuh
 A Career as a Paper Tiger, or:
What Does a Patent Attorney Do All Day?
May 3, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Janutta
(Senior Patent Attorney, HGF Europe LLP)
Get-together of research school network Halle June 15, 2023
start: 16:00
Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO)
June 27/28, 2023
How we can model and use symmetry July 24/25, 2023 Trainer: Prof. Dr. Rebecca Waldecker

2023 - IMPRS Seminars

Time and Date Speaker Title
Jan 10, 13:00 Rouven Dreyer Phase-resolved imaging of linear and non-linear spin-wave phenomena
Feb 14, 13:00 Pranava K. Sivakumar Hidden symmetry breaking and its implications on spintronics and superconductivity
Mar 15 (Wed), 15:00
Special date and time!
Zhong Wang
Pedram Bassirian
-- Mini Poster Session --
Apr 11, 13:00
Anirban Chakraborty
Kajal Tiwari
Stacking of 2D materials
Visualising highly resolved optical phenomena using AFM tip under illumination
May 9, 13:00
Pedram Bassirian
Tutorial: Micromagnetic simulations
June 13, 15:00
Special time!
Guanmin Li
Emily McFarlane
-- Mini Poster Session --
August 8, 13:00
Berthold Rimmler

Ke Gu
How non-collinear antiferromagnets may replace conventional materials in spintronic devices
Investigation on freestanding thin films
September 12, 13:00 Atul Pandey

Ivan Kindiak
Opto-electrical method for domain imaging and characterization of magnetic properties in non-collinear antiferromagnetic films
Some challenges with superconducting magnetic hybrid heterostructures
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